Full Time Cook

Odd BBQ | Chantilly, VA

Posted Date 2/28/2023

The job we need filled is a 4 days a week, Friday-Monday working afternoon and evenings starting 11am and closing at 9pm. Base pay is $17 per hour, Tips are pooled and divided by total hours worked. Typically tips add $7-$9 per hour additional to your base pay. essentially the average pay is around $25/hour. which at 40 hours per week ends up around $700-$800 total pay per week after taxes. Tips are property of the employee, you are guaranteed to get tips with this job. We are flexible with vacations and time off, encourage breaks and generally want our staff to be happy with their work and pay. we are small and the owners work closely with everybody. The role involves general food prepping, cleaning, chopping and slicing barbecue, helping out on register, customer interaction, helping to execute catering jobs on site and off site.

Salary700.00 Week
Hourly Pay

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